Marathon nameDescription
EAMS Halloween Frightener 10K2018-11-0419
EAMS Halloween Frightener Half Marathon2018-11-0423
EAMS Halloween Frightener Marathon2018-11-0432
EAMS Dublin Marathon B2B 10K2018-10-2810
EAMS Dublin Marathon B2B Half Marathon2018-10-289
EAMS Dublin Marathon B2B Marathon2018-10-2826
360 Degree 2018-09-2336
Beast from the east 50 mile2018-09-085
Beast from the east 6 hour challenge2018-09-0857
EAMS August Midweek 10K2018-08-292
EAMS August Midweek Half Marathon2018-08-291
EAMS August Midweek Marathon2018-08-2916
EAMS Knockaghathon Half Marathon 19th August 20182018-08-1920
EAMS Knockaghathon Marathon 19th August 20182018-08-1921
EAMS August Midweek Marathon2018-08-0814
EAMS August Midweek Half Marathon2018-08-085
EAMS August Midweek 10K2018-08-087
Skools Out June 2018 10K2018-06-3021
Skools Out June 2018 Half Marathon2018-06-3021
Skools Out June 2018 Marathon2018-06-3042
EAMS 360 Degree Quadrathon 2018 Solstice2018-06-2039
EAMS Loughshore 10K June 20182018-06-108
EAMS Loughshore Half Marathon June 20182018-06-1010
EAMS Loughshore Marathon June 20182018-06-1023
EAMS Monkstown Wood Half Marathon June 20182018-06-085
EAMS Monkstown Wood Marathon June 20182018-06-0819
PwC Run Stormont, Run!!! 6 Hour Challenge2018-05-2681
12 hour challenge2018-05-1845
EAMS Belfast B2B 10K2018-05-0613
EAMS Belfast B2B Half Marathon 2018-05-068
EAMS Belfast B2B Marathon Weekend 2018-05-0631
Not the London Marathon2018-04-2241
Not the London 10K2018-04-2214
Not the London Half Marathon2018-04-2213
April fools 20182018-04-0198
Spring Equinox 20182018-03-2142
St Patricks Day 20182018-03-17142
EAMS March Midweek 6 Hour Challenge2018-03-0735
EAMS and EOI Quad Marathon2018-02-1846
EAMS and EOI Quad Half Marathon2018-02-1827
EAMS and EOI Quad 10K2018-02-1818
Valentines 20182018-02-1431
EAMS and EOI Quad 10k2018-01-2113
EAMS and EOI Quad Half Marathon2018-01-2125
EAMS and EOI Quad Marathon2018-01-2144
World Half Marathon Day Full Marathon2018-01-1339
World Half Marathon Day Half Marathon2018-01-1374
EAMS 31st December B2B 2017 Marathon2017-12-3161
EAMS 31st December B2B 2017 Half Marathon2017-12-3169
EAMS 31st December B2B 2017 10K2017-12-3119
EAMS 30th December B2B 2017 10K2017-12-3020
EAMS 30th December B2B 2017 Half Marathon2017-12-3076
EAMS 30th December B2B 2017 Marathon2017-12-3066
EAMS Black Eye Friday 10K2017-12-2221
EAMS Black Eye Friday Half Marathon2017-12-229
EAMS Black Eye Friday Marathon2017-12-2239
EAMS Santa run2017-12-0663
Monkstown Wood Marathon2017-11-1617
Monkstown Wood Half Marathon2017-11-167
The Wedding Marathon Half2017-11-1025
The Wedding Marathon2017-11-1037
The Wedding Marathon 10K2017-11-1032
The Wedding Marathon 5K2017-11-104
EAMS Halloween Frightener 10K2017-11-049
EAMS Halloween Frightener Half Marathon2017-11-0416
EAMS Halloween Frightener Marathon2017-11-0437
EAMS Dublin back to back 10k2017-10-2824
EAMS Dublin back to back Half Marathon2017-10-2821
EAMS Dublin back to back Marathon2017-10-2836
Monkstown Wood Half Marathon2017-10-189
Monkstown Wood Marathon2017-10-1819
East Antrim Marathon Series 6 Hour Challenge and 52017-09-0999
Knockagh Challenge 10.3 Miles2017-08-1941
Knockagh Challenge 20.6 Miles2017-08-1921
Knockagh Challenge 30 Miles2017-08-1940
25th June 2017 Full Marathon2017-06-2550
25th June 2017 Half Marathon2017-06-2542
25th June 2017 10K2017-06-2553
15th June 2017 Half Marathon2017-06-1510
15th June 2017 Marathon2017-06-1537
30th April 2017 Half Marathon2017-04-3045
30th April 2017 Full Marathon2017-04-3055
April 1st Knockagh Challenge Marathon (3 laps)Pity the fool2017-04-0136
April 1st Knockagh Challenge (2 laps)Pity the fool2017-04-0136
April 1st Knockagh Challenge (1 lap)Pity the fool2017-04-0137
St. Patrick's Day 6 Hour ChallengeLaps, lots of laps!2017-03-19159
Marathon day half marathon 20172017-02-2676
Marathon day full marathon 20172017-02-2678
B2B 31st December 20162016-12-3182
B2B 30th December 20162016-12-3089
7th December 2016 Marathon2016-12-0739
27th November 2016 Full marathon2016-11-2734
27th November 2016 Half Marathon2016-11-2743
16th October 2016 Half Marathon2016-10-1640
16th October 2016 Full Marathon2016-10-1648
10th September 2016 MarathonKnockagh2016-09-1026
10th September 2016 Half MarathonKnockagh2016-09-1020
27th July Marathon 20162016-07-2733
29th June 2016 Full Marathon2016-06-2938
18th June 2016 Half Marathon2016-06-1823
18th June 2016 Marathon2016-06-1831
1st May 2016 Half Marathon2016-05-0127
1st May 2016 Full Marathon2016-05-0152
14th April Monkstown wood2016-04-1429
3rd April Half Marathon2016-04-0324
3rd April Full Marathon2016-04-0364
13th March 2016 Full MarathonKnockathon2016-03-1353
13th March 2016 Half MarathonKnockathon2016-03-1318
13th February 2016 Half Marathon2016-02-1331
13th February 2016 Full Marathon2016-02-1344
23rd January 20162016-01-2341
31st December 20152015-12-3156
30th December 20152015-12-3058
10th December 20152015-12-1038
29 November 2015 Half Marathon2015-11-2910
29 November 2015 Full Marathon2015-11-2940
10 November 20152015-11-1022
18 October 20152015-10-1821
14th October 20152015-10-1425
19th September 20152015-09-1928
12th June 20152015-06-1227
9th May 2015Cameron Lindsay PANDAS appeal Marathon2015-05-0945
20th March 2015 Solar Eclipse MarathonSolar Eclipse Knockagh2015-03-2043
11th February 2015Monkstown Wood2015-02-1130
25th January 2015Greenisland2015-01-2545
31st December 2014Jordanstown2014-12-3154
26th November 2014Monkstown2014-11-2627
2nd November 2014Greenisland Monkstown Wood2014-11-0238
21st September 2014Greenisland Knockagh2014-09-2121
23rd August 2014Greenisland Monkstown Wood2014-08-2316
27th April 2014Greenisland2014-04-2727
23rd March 2014Jordanstown2014-03-2330
8th February 2014Greenisland Monkstown Wood2014-02-0829
Event 1Origin, Genesis, Inception2013-12-3118

EAMS Halloween Frightener

Results for EAMS Halloween Frightener Marathon on 2018-11-04
1 1st♂Drew Fowler03:00:26
2 2nd♂Mark Walker03:09:33
3 3rd♂Geoff Smyth03:15:14
4 Ryan Armstrong03:28:15
5 William Brown03:45:14
6 Arron Johnston03:48:01
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EAMS Dublin B2B Marathon

Results for EAMS Dublin Marathon B2B Marathon on 2018-10-28
1 1st♂Lee O'Boyle02:55:15
2 2nd♂Mark Walker03:03:38
3 3rd♂Dan Trimble03:10:33
4 Ryan Armstrong03:34:11
5 Alan Ritchie03:52:34
6 Chris Leeman03:52:38
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360 Degrees

Results for 360 Degree on 2018-09-23
1 1st♂John Chapman06:12:1214
2 2nd♂declan leung05:56:1913
3 1st♀Deidre Conway06:27:4713
4 3rd♂Philip Ward05:55:4012
5 2nd♀JUDITH ROBINSON06:20:5412
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Beast from the East

Results for Beast from the east 50 mile on 2018-09-08
1 1st♂Ian Mcauley08:34:3012
2 2nd♂Kyle Johnston09:45:3812
3 1st♀Debbie McVeigh09:45:4112
4 3rd♂Grzegorz Grajek10:17:2212
5 Collin Alexander11:03:1312
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EAMS August Midweek Marathon

Results for EAMS August Midweek Marathon on 2018-08-29
1 1st♂Mark Walker02:57:26
2 2nd♂Simon Reeve03:21:46
3 3rd♂Ian McAuley03:46:29
4 Greg McClure03:51:21
5 1st♀Gillian Connolly04:05:50
6 2nd♀Jill McCann04:
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EAMS Knockaghathon Marathon

Results for EAMS Knockaghathon Marathon 19th August 2018 on 2018-08-19
1 1st♂Aaron Johnston03:48:11
2 2nd♂Ian Mcauley03:50:01
3 3rd♂Peter Doyle04:06:20
4 Chris Leeman04:12:26
5 Drew Smythe04:39:27
6 1st♀Jill McCann
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Mid week August Marathon

Results for EAMS August Midweek Marathon on 2018-08-08
1 1st♂Mark Walker03:06:23
2 2nd♂Colin McClements03:35:05
3 3rd♂Declan Teague03:48:47
4 Peter Orange04:16:21
5 Peter Purple04:20:52
6 1st♀Dorothy Graham04:34:2
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Skools Out June 2018

Results for Skools Out June 2018 Marathon on 2018-06-30
1 1st♂Richard Coey03:06:54
2 2nd♂Geoff Smyth03:10:22
3 3rd♂Niall Quinn03:30:13
4 Craig Bradley03:33:01
5 William Brown03:44:22
6 Paul Rodgers03:46:35
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EAMS 360 Degree Quadrathon 2018 Solstice

Results for EAMS 360 Degree Quadrathon 2018 Solstice on 2018-06-20
1 1st♂Simon Reeve05:59:0515
2 2nd♂Chris Leeman05:31:1412
3 1st♀helena Dornan04:34:1711
4 3rd♂Niall Cochrane04:55:4111
5 Neil McSorley06:21:3111
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EAMS Loughshore Marathon June 2018

Results for EAMS Loughshore Marathon June 2018 on 2018-06-10
1 1st♂william brown03:20:45
2 1st♀Fiona Prue03:42:00
3 2nd♂Andy Belshaw03:43:17
4 3rd♂Ian mcauley03:44:14
5 Chris Leeman04:16:20
6 Eugene Winters04:20:3
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